General Information.
1. The Website is operated by "Rewita" Ewa Bolczak, Pustelnicka 21, 05-220 Zielonka, Poland, hereinafter referred to as the CONTROLLER.
2. The Website collects information about users and their behaviour in the following ways:
a. Through information voluntarily entered into forms.
Through cookie files (the so-called “cookies”) saved in end devices.
c. Through the collection of web server logs

Information about Cookie Files.
1. The website uses cookie files.
2. The cookie files (the so-called "cookies”) are IT data, especially text files, which are stored in the end device of a Website User to enable the use of the Website pages. The "cookies" usually contain the name of a website they come from, the duration of their storage in the end user device and a unique number.
3. The Website Operator places cookies in the Website User's end device and has direct access to them.
4. The cookie files are used for the following purposes:
a. to generate statistics which allow you to understand the way how the Website Users use Internet pages, which makes it possible to improve their structure and content;
b. to continue the Website User's session (after logging in) which allows the User not to re-enter the identifier and the password on each page of the Website;
c. to determine the user profile in order to display personalised advertising materials in advertising networks, especially the Google network, to the user.
5. There are two principal types of the cookie files used in the Website: session cookies and persistent cookies. The session cookies are temporary files which are stored in the User's end device until logging out, exiting an Internet page or closing the software (an Internet browser). The persistent cookies are stored in the User's end device for the time specified in cookie files’ parameters or until they have been deleted by the User.
6. The software used to browse websites (an Internet browser) usually allows the cookie files to be stored in the User's end device by default. The Website Users can change these settings. The web browser allows the cookies to be deleted. The cookie files can also be blocked automatically. Go to the help section or the Internet browser documentation for more detailed information.
7. Restrictions on the use of the cookie files may have an influence on some of the functions available on the Website pages.
8. The cookie files may also be placed in the Website User's end device and used by advertisers and partners collaborating with the Website operator.
9. We recommend that you read the privacy protection policies of these companies to learn how the cookie files are used in statistics: Google Analytics privacy protection policy
10. The cookie files may be used by advertising networks, particularly the Google network, to display advertisements personalised to the way in which the User uses the Website. They may keep the information about the user's navigation path or the time spent on a given page.
11. Each user can use the following tool to view and edit the user preference information collected by the Google advertising network and contained in the cookie files:

Server Logs
1. Information about some behaviours of users is subject to logging-in in the server layer. These data are used only to operate the Website and to ensure that the hosting services provided are used in the most efficient way.
2. The resources being browsed are identified by means of URL addresses. The following may also be saved:
a. Query time,
b. Reply time,
c. Customer's station name - the identification is carried out by an HTTP protocol,
d. Information about errors that occurred during the implementation of the HTTP transaction,
e. URL address of a page previously visited by the user (referrer link) - if the Website was entered through a reference link,
f. Information about the user’s browser, g. Information about the IP address.
3. The above data are not associated with any specific persons browsing the pages.
4. The above-mentioned data are only used for the purposes of controlling the server.
5. Making data available.
a. The data can be made available to third parties only within legally allowed boundaries.
b. The data that enable an identification of a natural person are made available only upon this person's consent.
c. The Operator may be obliged to provide the information collected by the Website to authorized authorities based on legitimate demands and within the scope arising from the demand.
Managing Cookie Files - How to Give and Withdraw Consent in Practice?
1. If the User does not wish to receive the cookie files, the User may change the browser settings. However, we inform you that disabling the cookie files necessary for the processes of authentication, security and maintenance of user preferences can hinder and, in extreme cases, prevent the user from using web pages.
2. To manage the cookie file settings, select an Internet browser/system from the list below and follow the instructions:
a. Internet Explorer
b. Chrome
c. Safari
d. Firefox
e. Opera
f. Android
g. Safari (iOS)
h. Windows Phone

In this document, the CONTROLLER presents the way in which it implements the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data with regard to the personal data of its contractors and persons representing them.
Personal data shall mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable person. By giving your consent, you agree to the information being collected, used and shared under the Privacy Policy. We shall be transparent about the grounds and methods used to process the personal data as they are collected and used.
We have implemented measures to protect personal data from loss, theft, misuse and unauthorised access, disclosure, change and destruction. All collected data shall be secured with the use of adequate technical and organisational resources as well as security procedures. We implement our internal rules and procedures and carry our training courses covering data protection, security and confidentiality.

The CONTROLLER ADMINISTRATOR shall collect and process the data in accordance with and to carry out its business with regard to the services or products delivered. These are contact and personal data which are necessary to carry out on-going and future agreements, including those related to the quality and security of the services being provided. The CONTROLLER does not collect and process other data which are not necessary for the performance of the agreement. Provision of the personal data is voluntary; however, it is required for the performance of the agreements for services delivered by the CONTROLLER. Similarly, this is applicable to the agreements concluded between the CONTROLLER and Suppliers.

The CONTROLLER processes your personal data because it is required to carry out the agreement concluded with you or with your employer or customer, that is, to:
a) deliver, maintain and improve services;
b) ensure proper Customer service;
c) handle notifications which you address to us;
d) contact you for purposes related to the provision of services;
Furthermore, the processing is necessary for compliance with the CONTROLLER’s legal obligation resulting from the agreements which have been performed (e.g. tax, document storage and bookkeeping rules) as well as the performance of tasks related to the business activity being conducted, incl. e.g. planning and organisation of work, reporting and performance of analyses.
We also process your personal data based on the legitimate interest which consists in: a) running marketing activities, addressed to you, of the CONTROLLER’s own services in relation to the on-going agreements and the agreements to be continued in the future. b) contacting you with regard to permitted marketing activities, in particular and upon your consent, by e-mail;

Your personal data shall be stored throughout the lifetime of the agreement concluded with you and after its termination or expiry in order to fulfil obligations under the law, including tax and accounting obligations, seeking damages related to the performance of the agreement and archiving obligations. The maximum storage duration shall be 10 years following the performance of the agreement. The personal data acquired for marketing purposes and for the electronic transfer of commercial information shall be stored until you withdraw your consent to such processing. The withdrawal of the consent shall have no effect on the compliance with the right to process in case when the processing had been performed based on the consent before it was withdrawn.

TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA TO THIRD PARTIES We entrust personal data to other entities only when it is permitted by the law. We include security provisions in adequate agreements in order to protect data and maintain confidentiality. Therefore your data may be provided to:
a) entities which cooperate with us and support us while we deliver services and which carry out activities related to the performance of the services;
b) external entities which operate and control our internal IT systems;
c) supervisory entities, in reply to a request for information, if the disclosure complies with or is required under the mandatory provisions of the law, a regulation, a legal procedure or a governmental request;
RIGHTS In accordance with the applicable law, natural persons have specific rights concerning their personal data and the controller is responsible for the implementation of these rights. When the CONTROLLER controls the data and decides about the way and purpose of the processing of the data, we inform about your rights:
Right of access to personal data - natural persons have the right of access to their data which we store as the controller.
Right to rectification of data – if your data are out-of-date or incorrect.
Right to deletion of data – if your data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or of you do not express your consent to the continued processing of the data.
Right to restriction of processing – if you notice that your data are incorrect, are processed unlawfully, you may demand that the processing of your personal data be restricted for a period time long enough for us to check if the data are correct or consistent.
Right to objection – at any time when the your personal data are processed based on a legitimate interest and the objection is justified by special circumstances in which you have found yourself or your personal data are processed for marketing purposes.
If you are willing to exercise these rights, send a message to the e-mail address given in the contact tab or send a letter. You have the right to lodge a complaint related to the processing of your personal data to a supervisory authority, i.e. the President of the Personal Data Protection Office. To get more information, visit
CHANGES OF PRIVACY POLICY The Privacy Policy comes into force on 25 May 2018 and shall remain in force; however, its provisions shall be subject to changes in the future. The updated Privacy Policy shall come into force on the day when it is published by the CONTROLLER on this website
CONTACT US If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy and the data being processed, contact us by sending a message to the e-mail address given in the contact tab or sending a letter.

Withdrawal of the consent to the processing of personal data.

I hereby withdraw the consent to the processing of my personal data for purposes related to the presentation of a commercial quotation, a possible contract and performance of a service - given to "Rewita" Ewa Bolczak, Pustelnicka 21, 05-220 Zielonka, Poland, within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act of 10 May 2018 (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000) and from 25 May 2018 - pursuant to Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC.